How our membership works

Become a goship+ Member for ONLY $149/yr and NEVER pay full price again!

It’s simple.

By joining goship+, you get access to exclusive rates & discounts you could never get on your own as a small business.

That’s our guarantee.

We negotiate everything for you.
No surprises.  No hassle.  No minimum purchase or shipping volume.

*savings vary by business and use of offers

A glimpse at our partners and their offers for goship+ members

Save over half your shipping costs with our discounted rates with Purolator.

We have negotiated intensive discounts with Purolator for Domestic and International packages.

Example of savings:
2lb Package Shipping from Ottawa to Vancouver – Regular rate – $36.45  goship+ rate – $13.85

Now imagine how much you can save in a month or even a year!

Save up to 80% off Business Supplies with Grand & Toy.

We negotiated deep discounts with Grand & Toy for various Office & Shipping Supplies such as Boxes, Bubble Wrap, Envelopes, Pens, Paper and more!

PLUS, our members get to negotiate an additional 10 EXCLUSIVE items to their list!   Save on the supplies YOU need for your business.

Example of savings:
Bubble Wrap Box – Regular Listed Price – $30.23  goship+ Price – $10.95
POS & Calculator Rolls – Regular Listed Price – $13.29  goship+ Price – $3.93
POST-IT Lined Yellow – Regular Listed Price – $9.27  goship+ Price – $3.94
Avery Shipping Labels – Regular Listed Price – $21.86  goship+ Price – $8.91

Save 44% on a GoodLife Membership!
That’s a saving of $398!!

PLUS – This offer is available for your family members, employees AND their family members!
What a great perk to offer your staff!

Save 30% off your Club Executive Golf Membership!


Get a Mobile Business Plan with Rogers and Receive EXTRA Credits & Discounts exclusive to goship+!


Get a Costco Membership and Receive a Gift Card!


Save up to 42% off your airport parking with Park N Fly!


“How do I become a member?”

Apply for an exclusive membership which includes our 30-Day Money Back Guarantee. An onboarding specialist will review your application with you, ensuring our membership is of benefit to you.

Upon approval, your goship+ exclusive membership will be activated and you will receive access to all savings.

Enjoy the goship+ savings!

*preferred partners will bill you directly for your services & products

goship+ is the best opportunity to save on my shipping costs, both domestic and international.  As a small business, I’m now eligible for amazing savings and I get to pass along those savings to my customers, which results in more sales for my company.

Christine Breton

Owner , LaFabère

Let us answer some of your questions.

Why do I need to qualify?

goship+ is a premium small business network and we thrive on helping them succeed!

Once you submit your application for a membership, we will personally qualify your account for 2 reasons.

1 – We won’t sell you a membership if we can’t offer you the savings you wish to receive.
By onboarding each client individually, we increase our guarantee of success with every member!
We will discuss your needs with you and see if our membership is a fit for your business.

2 – We need to qualify you as a potential member, to ensure our network grows with success and stability. 
We offer a premium membership for small businesses and we are looking to expand our savings in many areas of business.

How can I see the rates and specific discounts?

We’ve negotiated deep discounted rates & discounts privileged to our network and members.
As we are a premium priviledged network, we do not disclose our rates to the general public.

During our personal one-on-one onboarding process, we will review your business needs and how our rates can help your business.  You will get all the information you need in order to make the best decision possible for your business.

If our offer doesn’t help your business, we won’t sell you a membership.  Your application will be cancelled.

More questions?


Get our membership now for only $149 (CAD)!

PLUS, for a limited time – receive that lifetime membership rate!

That’s right.  You will only pay $149/year as long as you are an active member.

With a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee, you have nothing to lose.

If we can’t save you money, we won’t sell you a membership.

*valid until January 31, 2018

And this is just the beginning for goship+!  The more members we have, the greater the savings.  As we grow our membership, we will only increase the value by negotiating deeper discounts and adding additional savings in other areas for businesses.

Chantal Lavergne

Co-Founder , GoShipPlus Ltd.